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We have been working with PRC for over 30 years. They work closely with our engineers on designing and testing of packaging for our standard and custom products. Their work ensures that our products are protected and arrive to our customers in a pristine condition. They have always been willing to work with us to accommodate our complex ordering systems. The quality of packaging always meets our high standards and their on-time delivery is excellent. For these reasons, along with their helpful staff, make them not only a great supplier but also an outstanding partner to grow our business with.  –   Judy Peterson


     We have been using PRC for many years. We have tried various local companies for our custom packaging needs, but find it easier to use PRC (on the other coast) because they are more efficient. I send them our project and they come up with a solution. The various staff that we have worked with has been very helpful and many thanks to Mike P. for always making it simple with a good end product.   –   Barb C.


EP Company

     We have been purchasing our packaging cartons from Packaging Resources Company for over 25 years. They are exceptional and would recommend them for developing your packaging needs.  Joe Brunner, President


     Packaging is often the last phase and most frequently overlooked step of the manufacturing process. There are a lot of packaging companies available regionally, but most fail to truly see things from the customers perspective and have the capabilities for handling ALL of our needs. PRC is unique in that their number one goal is to efficiently and adequately protect each unit that goes into a box, crate or clamshell.

PRC has a highly automated facility with set production processes and quality controls unique to the NW. They handle a spectrum of customers who’s requirements range from simple, visually complex and alluring, to the needs of our instruments (the scientifically sensitive).

Beyond their state-of-the-art building and production equipment is their most valuable attribute, quality professionals with extensive industry experience. Design engineers who listen attentively to each new set of project requirements and present comprehensive concepts that take into consideration not only the best way to protect our items, but the most cost effective option as well. As much as we would like to plan ahead and not rush, the realities of our customer’s demands often shrink the initial timeline for new product introduction. The PRC outside sales personnel serves our need for integrity, competency and to accurately convey our sense of urgency. Once plans are set in place the inside sales staff carries the torch with an attitude that is friendly and sincere, while maintaining a high attention to detail, constantly looking for ways to save money on each order.

I feel that we are fortunate to have such a great supplier so close to our facility. They have earned our trust and continue to deliver quality on all fronts in a consistent manner. – Ben B.


Supplier Partner Spotlight – Packaging Resources

     Packaging Resources has been providing variations of the SEL white box for many years. Each year they continue to show their commitment through excellent customer service, continuous improvement to existing packaging solutions, and by providing a high-quality product. PRC shares in SEL’s values and strong customer focus. Their attention is not limited to just what SEL needs but how they too can delight SEL’s customers.

Over the past two years, PRC has played an integral role in supporting WCM initiatives at our manufacturing facilities. They were on-site assisting with the setup of a vendor managed inventory program and continued  to maintain and improve upon the program. VMI helped to reduce the amount of packaging materials kept on hand at any given time and created a strong reliable JIT inventory program. As new processes were created, such as Scan-to-PO, they evolved along side us. They implemented EDI and the vendor managed inventory program moved to a scan to PO system.

This past year, the benefits seen from minimizing the packaging footprint in the warehouse and JIT initiatives created a new opportunity and collective efforts shifted to reducing the packaging supply base.  This project included a redesign for 6 packaging solutions and quoting an additional 37 active parts. The consolidation from two suppliers to one, resulted in about $75,000.00 savings to the inherited packaging parts. One redesign reduced shipping costs for outbound shipments to SEL customers by $245,000.

Packaging Resources set the bar high when it comes to defining what it means to be a supplier partner. “just let us know and we will make it happen” is often their response to SEL requests. They provide continued support long after the initial project is complete. The PRC design team is always willing to assist even if the project does not benefit PRC directly. They deliver on their customer commitments, exceed expectations and continually think outside the box. 

Buyer, SEL